HIPS Filament

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Net weight:  1kg (2.2lbs)
Diameter:  1.75mm/2.85mm
Print Temperature:  210-230°C
Heated Bed Temperature:  110°C
Tolerance:  +/-0.03mm
Roundness:  +/-0.03mm

HIPS is generally used as support material for ABS prints because of their similar print settings and physical properties. The important difference is that HIPS dissolves in D-limonene (solvent made from citrus fruits and smells of oranges) while ABS is not affected. This is the perfect solution for prints with cantilevers, nested layers, or designs that need support. A simple d-limonene bath and the HIPS will melt away, leaving a clean print without having to tear away supports. Depending on the density of HIPS, it can take from a couple hours to a day (periodic agitation can speed up the process).

Mitus HIPS is made and manufactured in the United States.  The quality of material and the precision of our operation produces top grade filament.  Better filament with superior tolerances result in accurate 3D prints without the jams and errors.

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