ABS Pro Filament

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Net weight:  1kg (2.2lbs)
Diameter:  1.75mm/2.85mm
Print Temperature:  230-245°C
Heated Bed Temperature:  110°C
Tolerance:  +/-0.03mm
Roundness:  +/-0.03mm

ABS Pro is our premium line of filament that has increased strength, flexibility, and is antimicrobial. The advanced formulation is a permanent antimicrobial that doesn’t allow bacteria and germs to attach to the ABS. This is perfect for 3D printing toys, kitchen tools, mouth pieces, or anything that you want to keep germ free. Due to the way 3D printing layers material on top of each other, there are always grooves and channels that can’t be cleaned by soap and water alone. The ABS Pro filament eliminates this problem at the microscopic level, so don’t have to worry about the new toy you just printed for your kid.

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